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Related post: Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 21:00:10 -0700 (PDT) From: Kenny Vo Subject: Passing Moons, Sci-Fi, Chapter 2Legal Stuff: Don't read this if you're not eighteen or older. Lots of sexual male on male acts, explicit child bdsm languages, and etc.The names, place and people are totally fictional.The events are based on a true story though.Also the copyrights go to myself and the story. You may not copy this story. Actually you can't copy it at all.Send me your feedback! Tell me what you think! Send at kennijasongmail.comAlso, the events in this story are completely fictional and should only be thought of as a story.Also the sex scenes are completely fictional and are made for the enjoyment of the story. Always practice safe sex, but unprotected sex is not worth it. Practice safe sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!I know it's been a long wait guys but I'm so stacked with work and school that I have to no time to write!!! It's been nuts.I hope you enjoy the story as much as I love writing it.Chapter 2: Meeting the child porn galeri PackEverything seemed like a dream. I mean everything is fuzzy. Am I dead yet? Did Harold finally get rid of me? I wasn't sure, but I felt I was floating water in the ocean. Just drifting out and not having a purpose of living. I liked this feeling, the feeling numbness. I hated my life and loathed the bad parts the most. I didn't want to live anymore at this point. I mean, what's left to live for? Nothing. I just wanted to get it over with. It was horrible and it wasn't children porn pictures going to get any better. No matter how far I run from Harold, he's always going to find me.Is child nude movie this place a children fuck girls dream? If so, I was ready to die, because I hated Harold and wanted to away from him as far as possible. He made my life miserable and so did James.They made me cry and hurt me in childrens russians nudes different ways, whether it be physical or sexual. It fucked me up and I was ready to see what's waiting for me up there.As I waited to go to leave and go to the great beyond, I felt a surge of energy pulsing through me. Like electricity or something. Was someone trying to revive me? I don't remember what happened before I was knocked out. Was Harold trying to revive his punching bag?No, he wouldn't do that. It's something else. Someone else is trying to save me. Who though?I felt another shock pulse through me as I racked free fuck child my brain for anyone who was there.Maybe it's those people who are trying to save me before I lose conscious after Harold slammed into a tree. Who were they? Did they know me? Most importantly, why were they there? One of them said a name...I couldn't think right now, the currents of the ocean were changing and started to storm. Thrashing and throwing me around like a rag doll. The skies were dark and rainy, very mood-changing. I felt like my heart jumpstarting and beating.The emotions of the fear, adrenaline, nervousness, and everything else that people felt, hit me like a brick wall.The ocean waves were beating me and throwing me underwater. Slowly, I felt the water going into my lungs. The water was drowning and suffocating me. I wondered why this was happening. I thought you were supposed to go to heaven or whatever it is you go after you die. I couldn't think of anything at this point, the struggle in the water was too much.I was about to pass out, so maybe now I go to heaven? Strange, I didn't feel dead, just being shocked by lightning to live. As I was completely in the water, my world was spinning around and suddenly, everything wasn't like it was. I didn't felt the cold of the water, the touch of it, the spinning, the floating feeling, etc. I felt like I was breathing air, but I was underwater! How's that possible?I closed my eyes"scared for what might happen and then, I wasn't in the water! I felt a soft fabric on my back. I wasn't wet or anything. I was in child boys sex terrible pain though. My head was aching and I could hear voices, people's voice. I could hear very voices over me, male voices. Harold? James?Then I heard one clear voice, "come on, wake up!" No, couldn't be Harold or James. This one was caring and concerned. Who was this?Was this the people who attacked Harold in the forest?As my feelings and vision came back to me, I felt an enormous shock wave go through and I'm not talking about mental shock. Like an electric shock. As my hearing cleared up a little more, I could hear a monitor beeping. A heart rate monitor maybe?Then another voice came, "here comes another shock!" Then the shock was enough to jerk me sitting up. My hearing, feeling, and sight completely came back after that shock. Were they saving me from death? That's what that ocean place was? Was it a resting place before they accepted you to the heavens?I wasn't worried about that right now. I was back. I was alive and hopefully, away from Harold. Before, I assumed that I was in a hospital because of all those heart monitors beeping and the defibrillator shocking the life back into me. But this place I was at, it was a room. A regular house room. I mean, the room had dark red velvet-colored walls and little beautifully designed linings.There was a large vanity mirror that was so beautifully crafted. It had cologne­"maybe it's perfume"hair products, deodorant, etc. lined against the mirror. The wood was a mahogany shade, making it look expensive which it probably was.I look down to see that I was sitting on a bed, a soft child and incest one too. It had lighter-red velvet color to the blankets and a brownish-golden to the sheets. This room looked like it belonged to a millionaire. Now what was I doing here? How was I here? What happened after I went unconscious?As I racked my brain for any clues for what happened or any recollections, a voice spoke up."Are you okay?" the voice said to my left, making me turn rapidly around to see who it was. It was a guy holding the defibrillator in his hands. Also, he wearing a doctor's coat with the stethoscope and everything. He was really tall, maybe about 6"2? He had short blonde hair with kind green eyes to match. His skin was basically flawless, tan and smooth-looking. He was really cute and looked probably in his 20's. The look in his eyes was so gentle and kind, it made me want to smile but I didn't. Due to my shock back to thing, so I didn't want to smile right now."Who are you? freesex children girls Where am I? And how'd I get here?" I answered.He flashed a tiny smile that made smile and blush. "Well, for starters. I'm Callan and I'm the one who revived you but I don't know the other what happened to you." I was confused, "Wait, then..." Callan interrupted me, "The tgp child sexy one that you should be asking questions is Benji." He pointed to my left and then I turned to see who Benji was.Damn!Benji was so hot! He really tall compared to Callan to my right. He was maybe 6"4 or 6"5, I don't know"I wasn't sure. He had messy, short really light brunette hair, almost blonde. He had dark, piercing hazel eyes that held so much contrast to them. I childporn free pics couldn't look away from them baby child nude even if I tried to. He had perfectly-tanned skin that just made wanna lick him right up. He had a clean shaven face that looked like it was recently shaved. He was just so cute!Also, from the looks of it, he had a pretty nice body and a medium built which is just right for me. child analsex He looked about high school age. Maybe seventeen or eighteen. He was definitely my type of guy.He stood there with his arms and looking shy while wearing a smile on his face. He really cute looking like that."I thought you were going to die back there. When that Harold guy pushed really hard you into that tree, you just passed out and we thought you were going to die. Thank god, we brought you back time or you would have been a goner," Benji said in his velvet voice, making me blush bad. I just couldn't erotic child pics stop smiling."Well, I thought I was dying too. I galery child sexy guess you guys saved me in time. Umm, why am I not in a hospital?" I asked, being curious.Callan sat on the bed and started checking my heartbeats, pulse, etc. "Well, our house was closer than the local clinic. Also, I'm a doctor so they didn't justice bring you back here. Who knows how bad the damage would have been if more time was consumed. You might have died just sitting in traffic," Callan spoke with a doctor's tone, but with concern mixed in it."Yeah, just be happy you're not in the hospital," Benji sitting by my feet with a caring look on his face. I was probably red from the inside out. I just had to smile to these guys' beauty. I feel embarrassed for smiling so much.I shook my head a little, hoping this wasn't a dream. "Umm, how so?" "Well, they would have called the police for questioning you and then called your parents. I'm sure you didn't want to see Harold or James so I just brought you to our doctor in the house here. I'm sorry if you feel strange, out of place, or uncomfortable right now. I thought I was doing you a favor, getting you away from that abuser," Benji said, putting his hand on my leg. I felt horny, erotic child anime not uncomfortable right now.Stop thinking like this Riley, I chilean babes facial told myself."Well, I'm glad. Harold made my life worse and James was child nudes pix the same," I said before I realized something. "Wait, how did you know about Harold or James? Or any part of my life?" I said, getting a little paranoid.Benji had a stressed look on his face then child porno collektion looked at Callan. "Should we tell him?" Callan had a tired look on his face. "Do what you want, but just don't give him a heart attack okay?" Callan said, getting japan children porno up and started cleaning and gathering all the medical equipment in the room.Okay, I was way more confused than before. "What? What is it that you wanna tell me?" Benji looked down for a second and then looked up, "Do you know that wolf that hung with you all fuck child xxx the way before Harold came and children sex animation attacked you?" underground children porn "Yeah, what about him?" I said, wondering why that wolf had anything to do with my being here.He gulped before he spoke, "Well, I'm...that wolf." I probably gave him the most perplexed look I've ever given someone. This was so outrageous. What was he saying? That supernatural werewolves exist?I thought of everything I was going to say before I demanded an explanation about this whole shenanigan."Okay, child sex kds so you're a werewolf?" He nodded, not speaking."How?What is going on? Is this some bad joke? Are you messing me? Cause this is not funny if you think it is." I said.Benji looked hurt after I said that. "My father's a werewolf and I'm not joking this is real. I'm a werewolf, Callan over there is a werewolf, the others..." I looked over at Callan who shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yep, right on point. I am too." I turned back to Benji, whose eyes that were asking me to believe him. "It's true Riley, I am that `wolf' that accompanied you on the last night." When he mentioned that it was last night, I looked over to the window to see that it was late afternoon. Apparently, I was out for awhile. Strange."Oh it's noon and how'd you know my name?" He got up, grabbed my bag that was laying on the floor and placed it on my lap.Everything looked like it was still in there."Your id's in there, you never mentioned your name to me besides Harold screaming your name out," Benji spoke."Oh yeah, that's true. So you nude child thumbs are a werewolf?" Benji nod his slowly, noting that he was saying yes."Well, we haven't lied to you," Callan said, leaving the room with the medical items in hand. "I'll be right back. You two children sexpics just talk while I leave to put these stuff up." children naturism russian With that he left, leaving Benji and I alone. I felt nervous because he definitely made me blush and a little weak in the knees.Thinking of that, I realized that I was only in my boxerbriefs. I immediately threw the blanket over me, which the fabric was very comfortable by the way. I illegal child tgp covered up my whole body, I was just insecure of my body.Benji noticed of mpegs child course and gave out a laugh. "What's wrong Riley?" This was embarrassing. I was half"let me rephrased that"almost naked in front of a really cute guy."I'm only in my boxerbriefs. Where are my clothes?" I asked sheepishly, pulling the blanket up to my neck.He smiled, blushing a little. "Well, your clothes were dirty, naturist children pussy so we decided to wash them. They were covered with blood and grass from your fall." "Oh, hehe. So you galleries child porn didn't touch me while I was unconscious right?" I said, jokingly.He smiled and laughed along with my joke. "Well yes, but that was because Callan told me to check your body any other injury. I hope I didn't offend you or anything. But I promise `that' area is unharmed." I felt my cock get hard for a moment. I was horny because he actually looked at my cock and probably touched it, which turned me on. Thank god I was under a blanket or it would have been obvious."No, it's okay. I just find it strange to be revived fucking child pussy from almost death and being only in boxerbriefs in front of a stranger," I said."It is, but there are a lot more strange things in this world than that," Benji replied.I couldn't even believe it though... Werewolves actually exist? Thought they were just myths... Guess not."I know it's a lot to process, but just give it some time. You'll understand." Benji said, breaking my trance.I looked into his hazel eyes, they were just adorable. I hope he can't see me blush or even notice that I was smiling on the inside."Well, that is a lot to process but I'll just have to see for myself," I said, half-heartedly. I knew that in me, I sort of believe it but then again, I was a skeptic of certain things.Benji looked off for a second, looking at nothing, but was concentrating on something.Like he was listening to something. Why this a wolf thing?Then he swiftly turned back to me with a smile on his face. "Well, you're about to get your proof." I was confused, was there another wolf coming?Then, I definitely got my proof alright. There walked in, two wolves, standing in front of me. They were so calm and had a look in their brown eyes. They seemed so...different. They acted like regular dogs would, but with thick fur. The one to the left had childs nude pictures bluish-dark brown fur and the other had a reddish-brown fur that made 12yo child porno the two seem like fire and ice.I stood up and impulsively walked over to the dogs, which in most real cases is not a good idea. I kneel down and pat the one with the bluish fur, and he just sat there like a dog and just let me pat and rub his head. The other just sat and watched me, examining me head to toe. It wasn't creepy, but the idea of them being an actual human gave me a little chill."The one you're patting is Stephen, and the other one is Kane. They're part of this pack too," Benji spoke, standing behind me. I turned back to Benji, who had a grin on his face.I stood up to him, wondering what he smirking about. "What's so funny Benji?" He looked over my shoulders and then spoke, "Well, if you didn't believe Callan and I, then turn around." I turned, hoping that this was all a practical joke. Well, it wasn't. I was in a surprise.There stood two guys in front of me, naked. I was completely taken aback by this.Weren't they just wolves a minute ago? Holy shit! I guess they are real! The proof was literally in front of me. LITERALLY.One of the guys was scrawny like me and had a blackish, long hair that looked almost blue in the light. I assume that he was Stephen. He had a dark, ivory color to his eyes and looked around 16 or 15. He didn't look older than me. I tried not to look down to his crouch area, I didn't want to seem rude or anything."Hi, I'm Stephen as Benji told you and I'm a member of this wolf pack," he said musical, in a stereotypical gay man's voice.He reached out his arm and gestured child naked clips for me to shake his hand. I shook his hand and introduced myself. lesbians childs sex "I'm Riley Samuels. I'm the one who was almost killed by my abusive stepfather." Stephen let out a laugh and a child's smile. "Well, good to know we can be of service.He's a very nice person Benji." "Thanks.I was just around the corner and then nudist children sex I saw him. I could tell he was a runaway.He had the back bag and everything. I just had to hear his story and wanted to help him out," Benji responded, getting close to me. I felt uncomfortable with him being this close but I kind of liked it.Then another voice spoke up, "You sure are worth it. Now, what was our Benji doing all the way in Chicago? I can't we brought you all the way here to Toronto.You're probably wondering about that now." I looked behind Stephen to see another nude chil guy. It was Kane, with his shaggy, reddish-brown hair leaning against one of the pillars of the large bed set. He stood there as if he were too cold to even stand there. One of those guys who liked to look poised and cool. He was also naked"didn't look of course"like a statue for a museum and had a little fuzz of hair on his chest. Not overly like a bear, but enough to notice. He had a pretty lean complex.He looked at me with his hazel eyes, one of them raised. "You do know you're not in Illinois anymore right?" Then realization hit me. Wait, I wasn't in Chicago anymore? How was I brought over here?Wolves carrying me on their backs?I ran to the window and saw that snow was falling from the sky. The ground below was asian childrens nudes covered like a blanket. This wasn't a surprise to me, seeing as I'm used to the weather but the thought of being somewhere unfamiliar and different was a scary thought.I turned back to Benji and the other naked guys in the room, who were standing there with a look on their faces."Why am I in Toronto, Canada? I thought you brought me here because it was closer," I said, leaning against the window sill."Well, it was closer," Stephen spoke.I was even more confused than ever. "Okay, I'm confused and baffled by the fact that I was dying and I was brought into another state just so you can save me?" "It's more complicated than that," Benji said, leaning against the dresser behind him. It was a sexy sight to see but I was too overwhelmed by everything to even take childrens fucking free in the beauty of it."How is it more complicated? I mean, you basically kidnap me!" I said, crossing my arms.Then, as if the breaking a silence, Kane spoke with sharpness in his voice. "Well, first off, you were not kidnap because you're a runaway kid so technically, you were not actually kidnapped. Second, the moment that Harold guy pushed you into that tree, adult doll child you cracked your skull!" Okay, maybe I wasn't kidnapped, but it doesn't make up for being in a completely different country. Then again, I didn't mind it though. Chicago left me nothing to go back to"except for Mom"and I didn't want to go back at all. Maybe I can start over here in Toronto, no evidence of me even trying to be here. No one knew me here. No one to track me down here. Time to make a decision.I walked closer to Kane and looked him in the eye. "That's not possible. I'm still here. I'm not in a coma or anything." "We couldn't tell what was wrong with you till we got here. Since Callan had some `medicines' that fixed that cracked skull of yours. If we brought you to a regular hospital, you probably would have been put on life support from being in a coma or dead," Benji said, came up behind me nudist children porno and put naked child slut a hand on my shoulder.I swear, he was so cute child showing pussy compared to the other guys I just met. He was so hot! He had that touch that made you want to go schoolgirl to your best friends. But I didn't have any friends to go to, so that was that. His fingers were so strong and felt like he's been working on hard machinery. You know those guys who have worn down, work hands. I found that attractive."Well, thank for saving my life. I appreciate it," I said, looking down at the hardwood floor."Your welcome. I couldn't just let you die hxxp child sex or that Harold guy torture you more," Benji replied, holding my face up to his. I swear I was blushing embarrassing.I wanted to cry, a day had got by without seeing or having Harold and James abuse me. Here someone beautiful saved me from all that. I wanted him.Then I realized that he only saved me and probably wanted nothing else to do with. He was probably straight and had a girlfriend, noting that he was hot enough to easily get one, because he had me by hello. Now they probably wanted me to leave or offer to bring me back to Chicago to my mom to something. He only saved me out of pure kindness.I lifted my head a little picture sexy child and met Benji's hazel eyes. They held some much emotions and calmness. My legs felt like jelly from just staring into them."I guess it's time for me to go then," I said, breaking out of my trance and went to retrieve my bag. Every step felt like a mile. I didn't want to leave the cool, fun, kind atmosphere of this place. I was going to miss my brief time here.Stephen came over and pulled my bag from my hand. "Well, I thought we were just getting to know each other. You can't leave yet." "Stephen's right Riley. You can't just leave. We're in Canada download child porno and even if you wanted to, you couldn't get back to the States without a passport. Plus, what are you going to do and how are you going to survive?" Benji said with a concerned look on his face.I sat on the bed and had a defeated feeling overcome me. "Well, I'm pretty sure you don't want me living in your house and I'll just cause more strain to your pack." Kane leaned off the pole and turned to me. "Well, you probably will cause more stress then it is needed..." he stated, pausing before finishing his sentence, "but since you know our secret, we can't just let you go." In more cases when someone tells you that you couldn't leave because you knew a secret, you'd freak out. But in my case, I was happy that they were accepting me into their home."I don't know what to say. Are you sure?" I said, hoping that this is all true and not too good to be true."Well, we helped you, so what's the point of stopping?" Callan said, walking in. Now instead of wearing, the doctor attire, he was wearing the preppy boy sweater and jeans thing. It was a cute look on him."I don't know, are you really sure you wanna take me in," I said."We're all sure. We've talked about this when we brought you in. We're more than happy to have another guest in this house. Maybe it'll lighten up the atmosphere a little." Callan said, fixing a lock of his beautiful blonde hair that was lingering on his forehead.Callan beautiful child porno sure was a good-looking guy. Why were all the guys in this pack so cute? Why it a wolf thing? I couldn't comprehend why all these guys walk around children ing porno shirtless and naked half the time without feeling awkward. I know I would.Callan came and sat on the bed, amateur porn child "look Riley, I'm pretty sure you don't want to go back to Chicago where Harold's going to hurt you and being on your own is not a good thing, especially for someone your age." "I have nowhere else to stay, my relatives are far away and that's the first place Harold will search for me," I said, on the verge russian nudist child of crying. The fact that I will never be able to see my mom and relatives without Harold there to beat me was heart wrenching."You should stay here Riley, we can take you in," Stephen said , standing next to Kane.I thought on this for second. I have nowhere else to go, so why not? These cute guys were offering it to me, so I might as well take it."Yeah, it's okay right?" I said."Of course," Callan said with a smile on his flawless face.They all had a happy look on their faces, except Kane who had a careless look on his child porno pussy face. But I felt a happiness coming from him. I was happy that these people were going to help me. Maybe good things do happen. Maybe life isn't as bad as I thought."Well, that sets it," Benji spoke, "welcome into our pack. Stephen, go get him dressed, well you and Kane dress too. I don't want Riley seeing your junk hanging out like that. He's a new house member. Show him around too while Kane and I set up his room." "Sure Benji. amateur child pussy We're gonna have so much fun Riley!" Stephen said, getting excited.Well, not physically excited, I meant the giddy happy excited."Why can't I wear my own clothes?" I said, getting up."Well, we need to wash the blood off your clothes and they smell like Chicago which isn't a good smell to wolves' noses. Also, my clothes are a little too big for you, so Stephen's clothes should fit you. Seeing that you two share the same body size," he replied, grabbing my bag and leaving the room with Kane's naked ass following behind him.Stephen grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room and into the hallway. If you thought this house was small, then you are mistaken. This house is large, almost like an estate. This house must cost a fortunate! The stairs were wide and forbidden child nude went in a large spiral. Also, the floors and walls look very polished, which gave it a nice look. The feeling of the house gave off a homey, rich feeling. I felt poor for loita child porn just standing here. This house could win an award if Callan entered it in a contest."This house is really huge! I mean, Callan had this house special built for his pack, but still. There's a lot of rooms here and enough bathrooms for a party to use," he said, pulling me into a room"assuming it's his"with celebrity posters, pink walls, and a large king size bed. Dang, these people are rich huh?"I see that, so where's your closet? It's getting really cold," I said, rubbing my arms. I realized that it was really cold in this house, almost no heating at all."Well, you need to take a shower first. You look like hell. You have blood stuck in your hair and shock marks on your body," Stephen said, examining the rest of my body for any more unsightly things.I didn't think about it but I did feel gross. I did need a shower. I hate the feeling of being dirty, I was one of those people who needs to shower twice a day. I always had that feeling of being dirty when I wake up and felt oily and gross at night. James made me want to scrub myself every minute while he forced me on him. But that's a different story."My bathroom's in here for you to use for now," he said, turning on the light pubescent childfuck to a very pretty bathroom. The shower door was glass, the sink was porcelain and nude children voyeur the towels looked like they were imported from Europe. Also, the bathroom had this certain lighting that wasn't too bright nor too dark. Just right. I felt like a hooker going into a john's bathroom to freshen up. Except for the fact I had dried-up blood in xxx free children my hair and felt like roadkill."Thanks and I'll be out as soon as I can," I said.He shook his head. "You're too modest, take your time. The shower water here's nice. I'd take my time." I smiled. "Okay, I'll try to enjoy it. It's be a long day." "Cool, I'll be waiting out here for you so we can dress you," Stephen said, jumping on his bed and grabbed a Cosmo magazine with his naked butt bare.I smiled to myself as I closed the door of the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror. I couldn't believe myself. I could believe all "this" happened. I mean, one minute I'm running from my abusive stepfather and his sexual-sadistic son and next, here with a pack of hot friendly werewolves! I mean, this is all seriously a lot. But I liked it.I saw in the mirror a boy who was much happier than before. I had a glow in me that I've never saw before. Maybe this was I suppose to belong. I also saw what Stephen talking about. GROSS. I do look terrible.I walked in the shower and turned on the hot water. I felt the water going down my bruised skin, it felt good to take a shower. I just felt better. It felt good when it nude childs porno was cold outside and the hot water crawling on my skin. I grabbed the shampoo and started to lather my body up and clean up all the dirtiness off my body. Under the arms, back, hair, crouch, ass, etc. I loved cleaning my body.As I washed the shampoo off, I felt hard. I looked down at my 7 in cock that was pointing directing upward. Damn, I wanted to jerk off but this wasn't my bathroom, but really needed to. After seeing that much dick and hot guys in one room just needs to be tamed. I mean, I was a guy so I needed to rub one off.That way, I won't have a cum explosion when Benji or Callan gets too close to me.I grabbed my hard cock with my other hand and started slowly moving my fingers of my other hand on my hole. It felt good to just let go in a shower. I started stroking my cock while rubbing my hole. It felt good with the shampoo running down and making it more slippery. As I rubbed my hole faster, I xxx child stroked faster.I thought about Benji of course. Boy, if he were in this shower with me, rubbing me against his body. Our cocks rubbing together and our hentai childsex lips touching under the warm water falling down on us. I imagined him kissing me and jerking me off as I did to him. It was a hot thought. The thought of Benji's hot body and cock made me want to just cum thinking about it."Ahh," I moaned, then I started cumming, three lines of pure teen boy cum hitting the childs porno free shower wall. The shower washed it off as soon as it hit it. I shuddered as from the orgasm I just experienced. I loved child girls seks this feeling and I haven't gotten that feeling at all. I never masturbated and had this much cum squirt out. This has to be the best sexual feeling I've ever felt in my whole life.I felt drained of spunk and decided to hurry up on the shower or else Stephen might think I'm trying to escape or something. After the long shower I took, I dried up and put on my boxers and opened the bathroom feeling the cold hitting children sex moves me again.There laid, Stephen still naked on his smartphone. He child thong pics looked up and smiled. He got up and walked over, checking out my clean body."Well, you took my advice about that long shower, so shall we continue?" "Thanks, and yeah. It's freezing." He walked into child panties a large walk-in closet that seemed endless, a clothes fanatic I assume. But essential to any gay guy to have at least more than forty pairs of skinny jeans, scarves, cardigans, and a nice pair of shoes. I didn't get that provide, noting that my mother didn't have that kind of money to throw around.So I was pretty much a simple dresser, although I want to dress that good."I forgot that you were human for a second. We wolves are very warm-blooded creatures so we don't cold easily much," he said, passing a bunch of nicely-made children fucked costumes. "Oh, don't mind the extravagant clothes that are in here.We'll just go to the winter section of my closet and we'll see what cute fits you best." As we came to a section child nudes photos on the crazily huge closet, I saw a long row of socks children kids sweaters, long-sleeves, vests, cashmeres, etc. This was like winter heaven. picture children desnudos These were all really cute looking."They're all so cute-looking..." I said, rubbing the fabric of a navy blue sweater. It felt really expensive."Well, just pick out the ones you want and wear it," Stephen replies, finally wearing underwear. I felt rude to look at his cock hanging out like that. He was rummaging through mounts of clothes that seem to never be used at all.As we looked through styles and sections of clothing, Stephen spoke, turning my attention away from the really cute fur boots I was looking at."Oh and take off your boxerbriefs and wear one of mine," he said, tossing a pair of blue boxerbriefs.I held it in my hand, I photographer naked child wondered why I had to wear his underwear. "Umm...I'm fine with mine. They're clean and fitting." "No, it's just that we have to burn your old clothes in order to avoid any sniffers who are paid to look for you," he responded, fully clothed now. He dressed very cute for someone his look. He wore jeans, with a gray cardigan and black shirt underneath. Just my style."Oh," I said, not wanting to go into detail with what "sniffers" were. As I start to pull my boxerbriefs down, Stephen is still standing there looking at me.I blushed, embarrassed. Rape xxx child I was always insecure about my body. James made sure that I felt ugly inside out."Umm, could you turn around? I'm not comfortable with people watching me when I change." He looked embarrassed and turned around laughing. I felt stupid because I should be secure but I hated it when guys stare at me when I changed, mainly because I would get forced into sex after."Okay, but it's not like I haven't seen it when Benji checked for `damages'." he said with his back completely turned to me.I felt my face turn red. No one's ever seen my cock so many times in a day before.Well, maybe James, but he's always seeing it when he forces russian child movies me on him. Did everyone in this house see my cock? God, I hope I wasn't hard or anything. I can't embarrass myself in front of hot guys. Especially Callan and definitely Benji.I put on the outfit I thought was the cutest for me and pulled any creases I may have made. This wasn't my clothes so I had to be humble and considerate. I was always the humble one. Guess it comes from my mother."Okay, I'm done," I said facing Stephen, wearing the navy children pics nude blue sweater and some skinny jean that I didn't know the brand of. "I'm hoping it's not too much. I don't wanna be all decked out or anything." Stephen turned around and his eyes were wide the moment he saw me.Great, I was a gay human and dressed bad. "Oh, do I look bad?" Stephen his head as he gave a wow look on his face. "No, no. It's just that you dress very nice. I mean great combination." I blushed a little and looked off to the side. "Oh thanks we're ready to go?" He walked hairless child galery out of the closet and over to his huge vanity mirror, then plugged in a hair straightener. "We're not child artpictures nude done yet. We need to fix up your hair. You can't look messy in front of the Magister." "The Magister?" I asked walking over and sitting on the small stool with a gray cushion."Callan and Benji will explain later," he said, pulling out a blow dryer."Oh okay so, how are you gonna do my hair? Thanks for everything. The clothes, the shower nude children and this lollita hymen child now," I said looking the various hair products on the table."Your welcome Riley. Now just sit there and let me do all the work. I'm good at this," he said, starting the hair dryer. He leaded the way out to the bottom of the stairs where Cane and Benji stood. They were full-clothed as well. Cane was wearing a tight-fitting black shirt that was loose and jeans that were tattered. He looked like an emo but without the whole gothic look and feel. He just seemed careless and sad.Then there was Benji, oh sweet, hot Benji. He wore a half-way long, gray shirt that pressed tightly on his muscular body, khakis, and snow boots that looked like he was outside chopping wood. It was a sexy and hot look to stare at. He had that all American look. He looked different then awhile ago. His beautiful brown hair was now spiked and styled. It was really cute.Me on the other hand, looked like I've been saved from certain death and shocked to life. I definitely needed to take a shower and take an aspirin. But thank god, Stephen told me to shower up or I would have looked like a hot mess walking down these stairs.This should be all too much for me. Any normal person wouldn't be able to handle the whole werewolf thing.But I was taking it pretty well for some strange reason. I mean, I should be freaked out and hiding in the corner for my life, but I just accepted it like it was nothing. That was surprising to me.When I finally reached the end of the stairs, they were talking to each other and then Stephen ran off to child lesbian Cane's side. Hmm, I wonder why they were always so close?Maybe brothers or best friends. Who knows?Then Cane and Benji saw me. Cane just looked away after a quick once-over glance and Benji just looked red and had a "I've-just-seen-the-sun-for-the-first-time-look" thing all over his face. It was pretty cute. Maybe he's bi?"Hi kds chill guys," I started, hoping I didn't look terrible. "I didn't cause too much trouble for the clothing thing." "It's fine sweetie," Stephen said, looking into Cane's eyes. Well unless they were incest brothers, I was pretty sure they were lovers tits childs photos in my eyes. Cute though."Yeah, it's way okay. Stephen needs to share his clothes. He buys too much anyway," Benji said, standing with his hands in his pockets. He was so adorable. He's acting like such a schoolgirl crushing on the football player."Whatever!" Stephen responded, rolling his eyes.Benji broke into a chuckle, while Kane just kept a movie nude child stolid expression. I don't know how Kane could keep a straight face. Maybe practice over time."Okay, so you're going to be meeting the Magister in a little bit," Benji said, putting his hand on my back and leading me somewhere.Leading me somewhere was a gorgeous dining room. There was a long table decorated with fine china, flower vases, silverware, champagne bottles sitting in ice ready to be opened, and a server that seemed to be human. Well, the others look human but it was an aura that it gave off that could determine if they were or not.Maybe their sense of non-dressing too."This is our fabulous dining room Riley, we eat here almost every Friday. But since this is a meeting going on in a little, dinner is the proper way to go," Benji said, opening a seat for me at the end of the table, where I was going to be the center of attention."Thanks," I said, sitting down."Sure," he said, sitting next in the seat next mine.Stephen and Kane sat down together as if they've done a million times before. Wait because they probably were together, duh! I felt out of place, like I really didn't belong here. These wolves were rich and hot, how could you go wrong?Besides them turning into a complete wolf which can be scary."Sawyer, could you pour us a glass of Chardonnay for us?" Stephen said, and then turned his attention to Kane. They looked like they wanted to clear the table and start fucking on top of it.Sawyer, the waiter/server who looked about a boy in his teens came with the drinks, holding them in perfect posture. He had golden brown hair, gray eyes, and porcelain skin. He'd look to be a young teen tiny naturist children who's just discovered puberty."Yes, Mr. Collins," Sawyer said with a heavy strong French accent, pouring Chardonnay into Stephen's glass. Then he came over to me, pouring the drink into my glass and started to wonder at who I was."I don't believe I quite know you," he said, giving me a questioning look. He was kind of cute, his skin was flawless.I smiled and felt the kindness of his smile affecting me. "I'm Riley Samuels. I'm a new guest here." "Oh nice to meet you, I'm Sawyer as they have know, I'm their guest and maid of this whole child photos gilrs entire house," he said, whispering to me as if he didn't want to disturb Stephen's conversation with Kane.This whole entire house!? Are you serious? I'd drop dead before I even attempt to clean up this house."Oh nice to meet you too Sawyer," I replied, sipping my champagne. Damn, this was good! I've never had drinks before, but damn this was good tasting!"Also, pour two more glasses for Callan and the guest coming child pussy fotos here," Benji said, smiling at me."Yes, I know Mr. Campbell," Sawyer said, referring to people's last names. I guess it was a French thing.As Sawyer walked to the door, which I assume is the kitchen, Benji turned to me."Hi," I child iligal sex said, trying to light the mood.He laughed a cute laugh that I enjoyed so much. "Well, hello Mr. Samuel," he said, in a fake French accent." Sawyer?" I asked."No, he's actually someone that Callan saved from France while on his russian childporn collections crazy doctor trips around the world," he explained."What do you mean by saved?" He cleared his throat, "Well, this was a seven months ago, but Sawyer was saved from a terrible fire. His family died. His whole ENTIRE family. Callan was on one of his traveling trips and saw Sawyer on the street with nothing to live for. He just took him in." "Oh, well isn't that illegal to the States?" Benji thought about it for a minute. "Let's just say Callan got someone to make him a greencard so it's not illegal when it's allowed on paper right?" I rolled my eyes sarcastically at the joke made. "So does he know?" "About the werewolf thing? Yes, but he's not one. He's just a kid that we keep around to clean the house and make dinner for secret child porn us lazy werewolves," he said, taking a gulp of his drink.I was amazed by Callan's kindness and bravery. I can't believe he took in a kid that was troubled and lost his parents. It just was so great that someone could be so nice."Callan is so kind. Well, I hope Sawyer enjoys it here. Callan sure did help a person in trouble," I said.Benji's eyes inverted from me to the something else. "Well, speaking of the devil." My eyes turned to the left and Callan came in looking like he just walked through a winter storm. His blonde hair matted from the winds blowing outside. His cheeks were red. His clothes, untouched by any of nature's cruelty.There was someone behind him. A man that was really tall and muscular. He had long black hair and strange golden brown eyes. He looked like an Indian man from children loitas nudes a tribe except that he wore a suit. He didn't look nice at all. He had this look on his face as if he was looking at me in disgust. It made me feel like Harold was looking at me and that, didn't give me a good feeling at all. I'm assuming that he was the "Magister" they were talking about.Callan and the man sat down across from Benji and I, the man sitting directly in front of me. I felt as if I was sitting the hot seat, which I probably was.He looked directly at me, like he was trying to crave into my soul. I feel very uncomfortable, even though I was sitting next to Benji who was a calming sight to look at. But I wasn't looking at him right now.It was silent until Callan spoke up, "Well Allen, meet Riley," then he looked at me, "Riley, meet the Magister." Allen, the Magister, stared at me for awhile before extending his hand to shake mine.I put my hand on his and hand felt like ice. Just hard and icy. I felt no heat or any pulse coming from him. It was like he had no soul or a working body. He was like a sexy russian children vampire. Or whatever was creepy and cold.He let go and smiled a creep smile that made me even more uncomfortable. It was a smile that rapists made when they trick children into childfuck schoking the van. It made my skin crawl."Hello, Riley. I am Allen, the Magister of this area of Canada. You probably don't even know what a Magister is. A Magister sesso real childsex of an area is the leader or the governor of the supernatural creatures that live in there. To keep things in order, like getting rid of those lawbreakers or those who interfere with our balance." he finally spoke. His voice was grainy and deep. As if he did a bunch of drugs before. He sounded like a member of some killer gang. It was scary.He was supposed to kill or execute those who didn't listen to the rules or humans who got in the way? Damn, was I in the way? I sure hope not."Hello to you too. I guess I know what a Magister is now," was all I could get out of me. I was scared by this man's presence. No, he was not human. He was something different."Let's get down to business shall childrens sexy nudes we?" Callan said, trying to comfort some of the uncomfortable emotions that I was feeling.It made me feel a little bit better."Yes, Callan. We should." Allen said, tapping his fingers on the table ominously."About my staying here?" I asked."Yes, Riley," Callan said.I nodded instead of speaking. I was afraid to speak at all in front of Allen."Well, he's the quiet type. So Callan told me your whole life's sob story or at least what his understanding is. You're a runaway whose reason of that is to get away from his abusive stepfather. He finds you and nearly takes your life and somehow, Benji, Stephen, and Kane were around the Chicago area to save you. They carried you over here because of Callan's vast knowledge of the medical world and success as a doctor. They saved you from death and now you're all fine. Am I right so far Mr. Samuels?" Allen said, trying to look sympathetic. It only made he look more like a killer ready to torture his victims."Yes, that's what happened," I answered."I am child naked pic so intrigued by how you survived a cracked skull and seventy percent of your blood loss. Tell me how it felt to be dying," Allen said, looking at me as if I were an interesting subject."Well"" I said, about to tell him the place I was in while close to death."Well, he was just losing conscious, but he wasn't nearing death," Callan said with concern in his voice.I took that as I was supposed to lie. I thought for a kiddy child porno split second before speaking. "Well, I just blacked out. child porno galleries Like I was out cold for awhile and just woke up to a large headache. It was like falling down and being knocked out." He smiled and looked at me hard. I was hoping he believed me when I said that. I was scared to find out the penalty for lying."Well!" he said, throwing his arms up, which startled me a bit. "I am glad to know a human has surviving abilities! I am truly glad that you are alive and well," he said, sounding really sarcastic, but nude child photography in a scary murder way."Thank you Magister, I am glad I'm not dead or even taken back to my stepfather's," I said, trying to get comfortable.He smiled and looked at me with childhood spanking stories this fascination in his eyes. As if he wanted to put me in a cage and just stare at me all day. I didn't like him at all. He was one of those characters that you don't like from the moment they through the door. He just gave off this disturbing vibe that affected my peace and probably to anything else around.Then he grabbed my free hand with both his hands that was lying on the table. He gripped them hard, making me feel the coldness and hardness of his callous-covered hands. I felt scared and more than uncomfortable.I felt Benji's hand on my right thigh, trying to calm me from freaking out or something. It was calming, but I was still scared.Then Allen spoke softly, but still sounds hard and grainy. "What exactly are you?" I swallowed hard.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys!!!! I am so sorry for the wait I've put on you guys. It's been terribly busy for me to write these chapters at all. I literally go home everyday with a hundred things behind me that need to be done and just type enough to get something for my dear fans.It's just been really busy and hard to keep up with writing. I have a job, college classes, friends, and my long-term relationship just ended. So it's been just hard to keep up without falling apart.I finally got this chapter out and hopefully I can get the next one out as soon as possible!!!Don't feel like I'm quitting on writing guys! I just have little time and need time to perfect these things.Also, send me ideas of how each character in this thai nude child story might like. Help me imagine these characters better!Anyway, just stay in tune and cross your fingers about what might happen next!Email me for questions!!!
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